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Property appraisal

Need a appraisal?

Have you found your dream home? Congratulations! If you need a mortgage to buy your new house, the bank requires you to provide them with a (NWWI certified) appraisal report from an independent appraiser. At B&F Makelaar, you have come to the right place for this as well! We guarantee great, reliable and fast service. You will receive the appraisal report as soon as possible, so you can go through the mortgage process without any worries or delays. If you are in need of a report for the NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee) we can provide that as well. Furthermore, we can also perform appraisal for divisions of property or transfers within the family.

What are the costs?

We work with fixed price agreements, so you will never be unpleasantly surprised! We will gladly visit you at home to explain our services and the associated costs during a free consultation without any obligations!

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