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Buying property

Do you need a purchasing agent?

Yes! You have probably noticed that the housing market is currently under great stress and that houses are often sold for well over the asking price. On top of that, decisions are made so quickly these days that people who try to buy a home on their own, are unfortunately regularly missing out. Experience shows that using an estate agent will give you a much stronger position in the current market and improve your chances of successfully buying property. B&F Makelaar also has a broad network within the region at its disposal. The certain amount of goodwill that comes with it can often prove to be the deciding factor. We will give you our full service and attention, because we believe that is what our customers deserve. Let us take away your worries and make buying your dream house something to remember fondly!

What does a purchasing agent do?

Nobody knows better than you what kind of house you are looking for. And with websites like Funda and Facebook, the search has never been easier. Could you still use some assistance? We would love to help out! With various useful tips, a sympathetic ear and a helping hand, we will make sure you find your way on the housing market. And when you have found your dream home, we will take care of the negotiations. As your business partner, we represent your interests and won’t stop before we have reached the most favorable price and conditions. At the end of it all, we will also check both the sales agreement and delivery deed for you, before joining you at the notary to celebrate sealing the deal.

What does a purchasing agent cost?

We work with fixed prices, so you will never be unpleasantly surprised. Are you interested? We are happy to explain our services and the associated costs during a free consultation without any obligations!

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