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Responsibility for processing such personal data as shown in the present privacy statement rests with B&F Makelaar.

Contact details

Tasmanstraat 126, 2518 VR The Hague
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Personal data we process

The reason why B&F Makelaar processes particular personal data pertaining to yourself is that you are a user of our services and/or it is you who has made said data available to us. These are the personal data we process:

•  Given name(s) and family name
•  Gender
• Date of birth
•  Place of birth
• (Residential) Address
•  Telephone number
• E-mail address
•  Copy of your passport or identity cart
•  ID document number

When selling, valuating or renting out your property
•  The description and characteristics of the home such as area, cadastral data WOZ value, the asking price or rental price, etc.
•  Reason for moving
•  Reason for the withdrawal of the mediation order
•  The deed of delivery, all other deeds in which rights are established or are mentioned with regard to your home
• Offer from the township to buy the ground
•  Energy label
•  Guarantee certificates, title deeds of equipment of the kitchen for example
•  Mortgage deeds and balance mortgage
•  Municipal taxes
•  Floor plans, renovation drawings, sales brochures, building technical reports
•  Most recently issued premium settlement
• If applicable cohabitation contract
•  If applicable divorce agreement and the deed of division
•  If applicable certificate of inheritance
•  Registration of the municipality / utilities with prescribed repairs
•  Lease contracts
•  Other documents which may be of importance for the sale, valuation or rental of the building.

Searching for a rental or sale house
•  Reason for renting or buying
•  The search profile with you housing requirements
•  Bank account number
•  Details of current property such as the purchase or rental
•  Your age and income category and composition
•  If you are interested in a rental home, we can ask you to provide additional information that the owner/seller requests. For example: play slips, bank statements, employer’s statement, copy of your bankcard, landlord’s declaration or an extract from the population register. If student (in case of rent): proof of enrolment in the university, proof of student grant. If self-employed (when renting): original extract chamber of commerce (not older than 1 month), original annual documents of the past 2 financial years (or accountant’s declaration), original annual documents of the past 2 financial years (or audit certificate), original IB declaration. If guarantor (when renting) completed guarantee document.

Personal data of a particular and/or sensitive nature we process

Please note that the garnering of details, through our web site and/or service, concerning individuals under the age of 16 who visit our web site without the express consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s) does not form part of our organisation’s object. Then again we have no way of ensuring that no-one under the age of 16 accesses our web site without parental consent. We would therefore advise all parents (guardians) to monitor their children’s (wards’) on-line activities in order to prevent personal details concerning under-16s being collected without the requisite parental (guardian) consent. We would moreover invite anyone who believes that we have collected personal data concerning a particular minor without said minor’s parent(s) or guardian(s) having consented to get in touch with us by filling in his or her e-mail address, so that we can remove the relevant information.

Our purpose and reason for processing personal data pertaining to yourself

B&F Makelaar processes particular personal data relating to you for the following purposes:

• in order to be able to get in touch with you, by telephone or e-mail, where our service provision renders this necessary;
• in order for us properly to provide you with the services for which you have engaged us;
• in order for us to complete the valuation you have asked us to perform;
• B&F Makelaar will additionally process personal data where prevailing legislation so insists, such as information for compulsory inclusion in our organisation’s tax returns.

Duration of personal data storage

B&F Makelaar will not prolong the storage of your personal data beyond the term needed in order to realise the objectives for which it has collected the relevant details.

We adhere to the following storage terms for the following (categories of) personal data:

•  We keep our administration including invoices and other administrative documents on which your personal details are mentioned, for a period of seven years after the end of the financial year in order to be able to comply with the formal deposit.
•  Copy passport: we keep the copy of your passport or identity card for a period of five years in order to comply with the obligation to retain in Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing act.
•  Other contact details: we keep other contact data for two years after the last contact, unless you previously submit a request to us to delete it.

Sharing personal data with third parties

B&F Makelaar will share (some of) the personal data pertaining to yourself with certain third parties where this is called for in order for us properly to perform the services for which you have engaged us and – where appropriate – in order for us to comply with our statutory obligations. We will conclude a processing agreement with any businesses we may involve in the processing of details concerning yourself, in order to ensure a uniform level of security and confidentiality where the relevant details are concerned. Responsibility for the relevant processing actions will continue to rest with B&F Makelaar. Please note that B&F Makelaar will only make your personal data available to other third parties on the strict condition that you should have granted us express permission for doing so.

• Our CRM-system Kolibri
• Our (financial) administration
• Architectural inspections
• IT-consultant
• NWWI-system for the processing of valuations or other valuation institutes
• Municipal
• Other real estate offices
• Insurance and/or mortgage advisors
• Notaries

Transfer of personal data to non-EU territories

B&F Makelaar will share (some of) the personal data pertaining to yourself with certain third parties where this is called for in order for us properly to perform the services for which you have engaged us. (Some of) These third parties may be located outside the European Union or make use of non-EU based servers. Data transfer to non-EU countries will be strictly contingent upon the relevant recipient country (countries) having vouched for security adequacy. It is implicit in your use of the services offered by B&F Makelaar that you are on board with this.

Access to and/or rectification of and/or removal of personal data

You have the right to be granted access to the personal data pertaining to yourself and see to the rectification and/or removal thereof. You are moreover at liberty to cancel the data processing permission you may previously have granted and/or lodge objection to B&F Makelaar processing your personal data. Last but not least, you have a data portability right, which authorises you to ask us to include the personal data we have on you in a computer file and send it on to your organisation(s) of choice.

Please direct your requests for access to and/or rectification and/or removal of personal data, data portability requests and/or instructions aimed at cancellation of permission for and/or lodging of objection to personal data processing to B&F Makelaar accompanied – in order for us to ensure that it was indeed you who submitted the relevant request – by a copy of your ID document in which – for privacy reasons – you have blacked out your photograph, the MRZ (machine readable zone = sequence of numbers) at the bottom of the page, your ID document number and your BSN (citizen service number). We will get back to you promptly, within four weeks at the outside.

B&F Makelaar would for the record point out that you additionally have the option of lodging a complaint with the national watchdog organisation, which in this case is the “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens” (Data Protection Authority of the Netherlands) or AP for short. The following link is available for this purpose:

Personal data security

B&F Makelaar sets great store by ensuring that your personal data should be safe and secure. We have an array of appropriate measures in place aimed against abuse and/or loss of, unauthorised access to and/or unpermitted public disclosure and/or modification of your personal data. If you believe that the security of your data is wanting or there are signs of data abuse, please let us know by telephone or e-mail.

Version July 2018

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